Just so you'll know and won't be disconcerted when you first come to Japan, many public places---and inns---provide Japanese-style toilets, which look quite different and take a little getting used to. (They look like a urinal laid laid flat on the ground).  After you do get used to them, you will like them, because they are much more hygienic than western-style.

They are low to the ground. You place your feet on either side facing the hood, and squat over them as close to the hood as reasonable. Nothing touches anything, so you don't need to be concerned about your bottom touching things.

Yes, there is toilet paper, and yes, it flushes.

The downside is, this may be a little challenging for those with joint problems or other mobility, flexibility, or balance issues. The concession to disability is that some stalls provide a grab bar to help steady yourself or stand back up.