Sabang is a very good get away, but may not be recommend for families.

The dive scene is world class with the coral reefs and tropical fish galore also several good spanish ship wrecks very close. For dive shops  have to go with Divers cafe Andre you rock and it will depend on how many dives you want to make but very cheap.

The night life and girls are to say the least: fabulous.

The rooms are very affordable and there is plenty of good food. You will be treated like a king from the time you arrive. Sonneys has super nice clean kitchenette rooms right on the beach for 1300 pesos a night $20 and Tinas next door has breakfast for 150 pesos ($3US ).

You can go to Sabang with only a snorkle mask and flippers and a few pairs of shorts and slippers and have the time of your life. It is a very small place; no driving in town, and you can walk anywere in 5 to 10 minutes. If you like to go to white beach you can get a motor bike for  500 pesos a day (about $10) Maybe a little cheaper if you look and ask around.

The guys selling necklaces and viagra on the beach are kinda annoying but you get used to them and rudeness gets you nowhere in the Philippines. If you are friendley they can give good advice on just about anything.