Quito surprises with its climate. Visitors arrive in beach wear expecting equatorial sun and warmth, but are cooly welcomed because of Quito's elevation--9252 feet, almost double Denver's elevation. Lucky for Quito, its short distance from the equator (25 k) saves it from long and cold winters like in Denver. On the contrary, Quito entices you with mild days and cool nights almost year round; its average yearly temperature is 64 degrees, with 55 the average at night and 78 at noon for most of the year. Winter is the wet season, where summer is the dry season; summer last only about 4 months from the end of June to September, where winter stretches through the rest of the year. Rain keeps visitors and locals indoors in the months from October to May, though Quito's altitude and equatorial location provide it with plenty of diversions. Sunny days are aplenty in the winter, surprisingly enough, and satisfy even the most seasoned beach-goer. So if you're visiting in Ecuador's long but mild winter, bring a raincoat and plan a few things inside as you'll most likely take advantage of them. Otherwise, enjoy Quito's comfortable climate high up in the Andes.