Spending just a few hours transit at Lima airport? Why don’t you just leave your luggage there and take a taxi or a private guide for a quick tour of Lima instead of waiting and getting bored…? What is really good about Lima is that you will easily find a taxi that would take you wherever you’d like to go. The Lima International airport (Jose Chávez) has a “left luggage” service where you can leave them for 3.50 soles an hour (approximately $1).  To check in for your next flight, you will have to get back at the airport 3hours before the flight. But, if the company you are flying with has already opened the check in area, you should definitely check in while arriving in Lima , then you will have to come back to the airport only 1hour before the flight. It depends on the companies. But this is really manageable if your schedule allows it!   Before beginning your visit, you have to be aware of some useful tips about Lima . Indeed, it might be quite impressive at first to travel Lima as there is no public transportation system such as those in Western Europe or North America . The best way to go from place to place is therefore to take a taxi or use a private guide, you will find some in the tripadvisor forum. Be careful when choosing your taxi though, like in every major cities in the world. Always watch your belongings, as in every major city. And avoid showing off your valuables.              

Take a taxi or a private guide and go straight to the Museo Larco (av. Bolívar 1515 – Pueblo Libre - http://www.museolarco.org/) which is just 15 min away from the airport . It is a fabulous experience in Lima and it conveniently opens daily from 9am to 10pm. It displays an important collection of pre-Columbian art and is a very good beginning if you intend to visit Peru as it explains in a very clear way all the different civilizations of Peru, organized in a geographic and historical way. The main galleries of the museum showcase the most consequent collection of gold, silver and jewelry of the Ancient Peru.The museum also includes a much appreciated erotic gallery depicting in a very realistic way their sexual habits. The Larco Museum is one of the few museums in the world allowing tourists in the storage area. In total, the collection of more than 45.000 pieces will leave you the sensation of having learnt a lot about pre-Columbian civilizations . According to various tourist guide it is the best tourist attraction in Lima . The visit of the museum will take you about 2 hours . You can also have a breakfast, something to eat for lunch or dinner, or just a coffee there as they have a nice restaurant/café located in the stunning gardens in the museum. The Café del Museo is really affordable and has various Peruvian and International choices. It is also very much appreciated for its cocktail menu, including the typical Pisco Sour.             

Even if many guides would tell you to go and see the historical center, if you are just in transit in Lima and you don’t have much time, don't go there, as you never know how the traffic will look like, and you never know what you might come across. Instead, go to Miraflores . It is about 15min away from the museum . Miraflores is the nicest area in Lima . Go for a walk along the seaside where you will enjoy the great view over the sea from the flowery cliffs. Go from Larco Mar (a shopping center, do not spent much time there, you can find others in every part of the world), to the Parque del Amor, a pleasant little park, where you will see lots of kissing couples (typical in Peru ). There are lots of good pictures to take there with the view over the Pacific Ocean . If you want to bring presents or to buy typical Peruvian souvenirs, you can go to the Indian Market, still in Miraflores, in the Calle Petit Thouars 5245. There you will find jewelry, handcrafts, replicas of pre-Columbian objects and musical instruments from Peru , Peruvian textiles, ponchos and Peruvian hats….Do not hesitate to negotiate the prices!   Then it is going to be time for you to head off to the airport again. From Miraflores, it will take you an hour maximum if there is traffic.