Taxis in Lima are not for those who lack courage and bravery. Getting in a cab in this city is like getting on a roller coaster--you just need to strap yourself in and hope the guy running it knows what he's doing. You will have no trouble finding a taxi in Lima, because anytime you are walking on the street they will generally pull up to you as if asking if you need a ride. They are also easy to identify. They all have flourescent colors that easily stick out from the rest of the cars on the road. Once you get in the taxi, you'll find that the driving in Lima is quite intense. No one really follows any laws of the road. The drivers weave in and out of traffic, and stop signs are never obeyed. For that reason, it is highly recommended to not bother renting your own car unless you are a daredevil or have experience driving in South America. The common way to signal to other drivers is by honking, and when you drive throughout the city you will constantly hear honking. One good thing about the taxis is that they are inexpensive. It will only cost you about 8-12 soles to ride. Taxis will be available all day long, but during rush hour it will be much more hectic. One thing to keep in mind while in a taxi in Lima is that the drivers there are used to the chaos of the road, so you shouldn't feel like you are about to die. They know what they are doing, even if it doesn't seem that way.