Montevideo is relatively compact and many of its attractions are located right in the center of the city.  For this reason, walking is a major method of getting around.  Travelers will find that they can spend hours meandering through the narrow streets of downtown Montevideo ( ), exploring the stores and mingling with the locals as well as with other tourists.

For getting around the larger area outside of downtown Montevideo, public transportation is widely considered the most convenient option.  Buses are inexpensive and travel from one end of Montevideo to the other.  They can be boarded easily from downtown by visitors seeking to head from there to explorations on the fringes of the city.  Their only downfall is that they tend to stop running early in the night, which is problematic since Montevideo’s nightlife starts late.

 If you have some basic understanding of Spanish, you can check these two websites to figure out the best bus routes throughout town: ComoIr and MontevideoBus

Travelers will find that when the buses stop running, the taxis increase their routes throughout the city.  They can be hailed on the street, are considered safe by international standards and are relatively inexpensive, although not as inexpensive as buses. 

Rental cars are not recommended, as these other methods of getting around make them unnecessary.  Additionally, rental cars are somewhat expensive and driving in the city is considered more of a hassle than a convenience. 

A brand new (three days old) double deck london style tourist bus operates in Montevideo. It is better than the Hop on Hop off  rode in Panama. Makes 9 stops including the sea port, a few shopping centers, and several neighborhoods. United States $20.00 or U350 for a 24 hour pass.  don't see any place for a full review yet as it is too new. Just added today is a URL link: