Fiji has terrific weather, so no matter when you visit you are likely to have a good time. In the spring it tends to rain quite a bit, but otherwise you can expect the temperature to hover between 75-85 degrees farenheit. The busiest times of year in the area are during the winter and summer. The reason for this is because in the winter travelers try to escape the colder weather from the north, and in the summer many people are on vacation and tour the area. If you don't mind more travelers, this is a good time to visit. However, if you want to avoid large crowds and long lines, you should visit in either the fall or spring. You might not be getting the best weather all around, but you'll still be getting good weather to deal with. When you go to Sigatoka, you should bring light clothes. This is a casual town, and you can walk around in a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals and fit right in. You don't have to worry about a dress code at a restaurant, or other people looking down on you for dressing down.