The temperature stays approximately the same in Papeete all throughout the year, with the average low temperature being just sixty eight degrees and the average high temperature hovering just above eighty degrees.  This means that in terms of the actual temperature, travelers can plan to head to the area at any time, as the summers are cooler (and the winters warmer) than in many other places in the world.

However, travelers should be aware that there is a definite rainy season in Papeete during which visitors may not want to visit.  This rainy season November to April, and the dry season is May to October.  What this means is that early spring, late autumn and any time during the winter are not the best times to head to Papeete.

Visitors from the northern hemisphere are reminded that they have to cross the equator to reach Papeete, which means that when they leave their winter homes, they will be heading towards comfortable summer weather in Papeete.  This also means that Christmas is the busiest tourist season in the area, so travelers seeking to avoid crowds should plan not to travel to the area during the few weeks at the end of the year.

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