Papeete is located on the island of Tahiti, meaning that it is accessible via one of two modes of transportation: plane or boat.

By plane:   Most travelers opt for the former option, traveling via international airlines to the Faa’a International Airport ( ).   United States travelers frequently fly through the Los Angeles International Airport and then on to Papeete; the distance between the two airports is just over eight hours long.   Travelers relatively new to international travel are often excited during the flight when the pilot announces that the plane has just crossed the equator.   Travelers generally fly using AOM French Airlines or Air France, although other options are available.   (Additional flight information is available at .)

Upon arrival:  Faa’a is a suburb commune of Papeete ( ) which is located within a short distance from the center of Papeete.  Travelers most frequently catch the public transit known as Le Truck ( ) to proceed from the airport to their hotel.

By boat:   Major cruise ships often offer travel to Papeete.   Papeete is also a major location for boat arrivals and departures traveling throughout French Polynesia so visitors spending time in various parts of the area can use this as a means of getting to the area.