The following is a selection of buildings that you should check out in Sofia, mostly religious structures and churches.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    Completed in 1912, St. Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal Cathedral Stauropigial Memorial-Church is an impressive landmark in Sofia. The church was built as a memorial to the 200,000 Russian soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish Liberation War (1877-1878). It is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world. The gold-plated dome stands 45 meters high and the cathedral has 12 bells weighing a total of 23 tons. Inside the cathedral is a museum displaying one of the largest collections of religious icons in Europe.

Rotunda of St. George

    This squat brick structure is the oldest building in Sofia. Built by the Romans in the 4th-century CE, the church is known for its collection of frescoes inside. Three layers of these frescoes adorn the walls, dating between the 10th- and 14th-centuries. The rotunda is now a museum, located behind the Sheraton hotel in downtown Sofia. The remains surrounding the building are from the ancient Roman city of Serdica.