Zagreb is a location which is not lacking for a nightlife, especially on the weekend when the dance clubs (or discoteques as they are more commonly called) keep going until four in the morning.  Travelers seeking something a little more laidback will find that the live music playing in bars on the weekdays might be the scene for them.  Zagreb is also known for its café-bars, which are the former by day and the latter by night, which tend to have a more casual atmosphere than the discothèques.  Even travelers eventually heading out to the clubs may visit the café-pubs first to grab a late meal while they start their evening drinking.

As far as the dance clubs go, there aren’t any bad choices so visitors should feel free to explore all of the options they are up to exploring.  Some places are dress code places, such as the fancy Baobab club which is comparable to an upscale Los Angeles or New York nightclub.  Croat Techno is one of the best underground clubs favored by the younger adult crowd.  On hot nights, Papaya is a terrific choice because the dance floors is outside so dancers can enjoy the evening breezes as a way to cool down. Maraschino is must-see too because of its unique interieur, funky mood and great music, it's great even during the day for leisure and coffe drinking.

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Here are some more information from Zagreb citizens:

 PRE-CLUBBING (from 11pm – 2am)

City center (everything in area of 10 minutes walking)
•    Fancy places -  DrinX caffe & club (Tkalča 10), History caffe and club (Tkalča), First coffee, Bulldog (Cvijetni Trg), Hemingway (white one)
•    Alternative and cosy places – Alcatraz, PIF, Portal, Cica, Mali Medo (best beer and food in Tkalča), Tituš, Kino Europa (until 2am), Branimir centar (very cheap on Fridays and Saturdays)

CLUBBING (from 1am-4am)

City center (everything in area of 10 minutes walking)
•    Casual places – DrinX club, Pepermint, Maraschino, Lemon bar, Thalia, Saloon, VIP

•    Very fancy places -  Khala, Groove, Hollywood vanity club

•    Alternative places – Kino Europa (until 2am), Purgeraj, Kino Grič

Out of city center
•    IN bar (Jarun lake)
•    Mansion (Jarun lake)
•    Aquarious (Jarun lake)
•    Green Gold Club (Radnička street)

•    Tvornica Katran (Radnička street)

•    Play club (Radnička street)