Zagreb is a place rich with history ( ) and creativity and these aspects of the area are honored in the numerous art and historical museums of the area.

In terms of history, one of the top choice museums in the area is the Archaeological Museum, which exhibits artifacts dating all the way back to the days of ancient Egypt when bodies were mummified for preservation.  Another museum which displays ancient human remains is the Croatian Museum of Natural Sciences.  A somewhat controversial museum in the area is the Zagreb Municipal Museum ( ) which is controversial because it offers only one perspective on a complex history of the area.  For something less controversial but equally interesting, travelers can opt to explore the history of machine use in the area at the Technological museum.

As for art, there are a great number of museums to choose from, but the top pick for most people is the Arts and Crafts Museum ( which is known for its collection of glass art.  Another top pick is the Old Masters Gallery.  There is a controversial art museum in the area, the Mimara, which is controversial because it is said to contain paintings which may be fakes.

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