Keeping the tradition of Byzantine iconography, Ukraine still soon made ​​his own style (version) Byzantine tradition. It dominates slightly tenderize interpretation faces, lighter, light color and skillful blending of gold on the background of icons, vestments and ornaments areola, especially Jesus Christ and the Holy Virgin. Theophanes  Greek and Andrei Rublev developed to the highest level of some characteristic of the Kievan Rus' technique of icon painting. They managed to create a new harmony of colors and convey with it a sense of peace and joy. Other well-known centers developed subsequently introduced something new in the traditional iconography. Lutsk  region Volyn and  Galicia from XIII to the middle of XVII century iconography took the initiative in Ukraine. This was due to historical events: the Tatar-Mongol attacks in eastern and central Ukraine. Church life suffered from attacks of many raids, therefore, and iconography in Great Ukraine or ceased to exist or was very limited. The oldest icon of Ukraine - Chelm miraculous icon the Mother of God, a unique monument of Byzantine art of XI-XII centuries. one of the most respected Christian relics. A separate hall Museum of Volyn Icon in Lutsk is dedicated to this oldest icon. there held tours and worship. In a cozy hall to stay and be alone with the sanctity - museum workers always give you that opportunity.