In recent years since the fall of the Soviet Union, Kiev has become a very popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe.  This is no surprise with its beautiful, old architecture and inexpensive prices.  It's quite a bargain for travelers.  However, like many places that were once held under the Iron Curtain, the Ukraine has its share of crime problems as the result of poverty and unemployment.  Travelers to Kiev should keep this in mind and exercise caution while traveling there.  Be sure to keep all of your valuables in your hotel's safe, preferably one with a combination that you set yourself.   Do not carry large amounts of cash or wear excessive amounts of jewelry.  Keep wallets and bags in front of you, not on your back in your back pockets, and if you wear a backpack, keep it locked.  It is also a good idea to have the phone numbers for your banks and credit cards on hand in case they become lost or stolen.  Emergency police numbers are not a bad idea either.  Keep them separate from your wallet or keep more than one copy of them in different locations.


Whenever you catch a taxi in Kiev as kt he price first, before you get into the taxi, once the price is agreed on make sure you have the exact money as you run the risk of being shortchanged.

Do not pay one cent more than the agreed upon price, and even go as far as to have the driver write it on a buisness card for you before you go.   This early negotiation will help you avoid uncomfortable dealing at a later stage.

Foreiegners appear to be a means of fast easy cash for taxi drivers.