The main hub for Panama is Miami, and COPA is Panama's national airline, though TACA and LACSA also make flights to Panama City. . The "exit fee"  is now $40.  This fee is usually included in your round-trip airline ticket. (check with your airline if you have any question.) Those who arrived in Panama by land, boat, or one-way airline ticket will be required to pay the $40 exit fee, in cash, upon departure from Panama.  Do not forget that unless you are traveling from the U.S., Germany, or Switzerland where only a passport is necessary for entry into Panama, many other foreign travelers are required to carry a tourist visa/card, as well.

Money-wise, touching down in Costa Rica, if you plan to visit in addition to Panama, is far less expensive than a flight to Panama and could save an international traveler hundres of dollars. While Panama is surrounded by water, traveling by boat is difficult as most ships are cargo only, and not for transportation, thus travel by car or bus is the best way to get into Panama if flying into another country. Some travelers who also plan to visit Columbia endeavor to hike through the jungle that is the Darien gap, however such a move is risky at best and is warned against by other travelers and locals alike, due to dangerous looters and local turmoil. The safest town to cross through, however, if you must walk, is Puerto Obaldia, which is also adjacent to a handful of lovely beaches.