Have you ever seen a fresh market showing you good seafood? well, in the heart of Panama City (where Ave. Balboa begins) you will find "EL Mercado del Marisco". Here, multiple vendors have a small space to show the catch of the day from Tuna, SeaBass, Red Snapper, lobster, jumbo shrimp, octopus, clams, squid, etc. It is a wonderful experience while visiting Panama City. It is free. Do not forget to try the famous Ceviche. Your best shot will be the lady right at the main entrance of the big building on your right hand. A cup of any ceviche or seafood cocktail is $2.00. Also, if you want to eat some panamanian style seafood you should go upstairs (look for the stairs in the middle of the market inside the main building. Upstairs is a very rustic restaurant with a nice diverse menu of seafood cooked and served in a very authentic panamanian style. The food is very inexpensive. You may find lobster, giant crabs (centollo), fish, octopus, etc.