Panama City is well known for its extensive and varied shopping opportunities, especially when it comes to handcrafted goods and, suprisingly, discounted electronics. The best two places to find authentic Panamanian handicrafts are the Gran Morrison stores for brokered goods (chains often located next to hotels) and the Balboa Artisans market a 15 minute drive from downtown, where the artisans themselves are the purveyors of their goods. At Balboa, bargaining is commonplace and should not be avoided out of politeness, as the artisans may quote a higher starting price in expectation of being haggled. For authentic Panamanian jewelry, head to Reprosa in the business district for Huacas, jewelry modeled identically after ancient artifacts discovered in royal burial sites, or consider stopping by Rainforest Designs Cameos for handcarved cameo necklaces made by the Wounaan indians living in the Darien Rainforest. Two items not to miss, regardless of the vendors you visit, are Molas, intricate applique panel designs made the Kuna indians, and perhaps Panama's most identifiable handicraft, and the classically Panamanian woven palm leaf baskets of the Embera indians, only $10-$20 in Panama, though similar baskets made by U.S. native Americans sell for hundreds. Of course, Panama offers more than just artisan goods, there are several commercialized malls, complete with food courts. Panama also offers an impressive array of stores selling fine jewelry and electronics at a significant discount than its U.S. counterparts. Fine gemstone jewelry will cost roughly 33% less in Panama City than in the U.S., and electronics are at a similar discount. In fact, inhabitants from throughout Latin America travel to Panama City just to enjoy the modest prices of electronics and computers.

Panama City has 3 excellant modern malls, Albrook, Multi Plaza and Multi Centro. Albrook has a bus depot and airport and many great stores with very reasonable prices. You can't really go wrong shopping at any one of them, they all have modern fast food courts and modern merchandise and clothing stores. Some have Casinos and Taverns as well.