Lake Matka is situated on the northern side of Skopje  in the SARAJ municipality.

It is very easy to get to Mataka.

Many local buses go to the village of Saraj and from there is an short walk to the Recreation Center Treska.

Many Skopje citizens visit Matka  and Treska lake in the summer months to escape the sweltering heat of the City.  There is a man made rapids for kayaking as well.

The gorge of Lake Matka was made in the '60 when the river Treska  was harnessed and dam was build to provide electricity for the City of Skopje.

Matka gorge hides lots of suprising gems.

On of them is Vrelo cave, one of Europe deepest underwater caves. The Cave is open for a visit all around the year & is only acceseble via the lake and boat. Boat tours are available from the Ponton just Bellow the St Andrew Church.

There is the church of St Andrej (Andrew) right on the shores of the lake.

Build by Andrew brother of King Marko (Krale Marko of Prilep) and his father Vukashin in the early XIV AD.

Also there are the churches of Sv Nikola & Sv Bogorodica,Sv Spas, Sv Nedela and numbers of dilapidated churches high in the mountains surrounding the lake.

The gorge offers great trails for hiking. All of the hiking trails are well marked and there are ranges of trails from beginners hikers to hikers/mountaineers with experience.

By the Church of Sv Andrej is a mountain hut/hostel and restaurant.Which is open during the summer months . From May to October.

To get to Matka take bus #60 to Matka directly, but is not really that frequent, better option is bus #12 from Bit  Pazar ( main market in Skopje) to village of Saraj. Also number of taxi service will take you to the entrance of the Recreation center Treska.

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