Split, like Zagreb, is known as THE destination for women's shoes.  Some claim that there are more shoe shops here than any other city in the world within the small confines of the Palace and nearby streets and alleys.  Most of them come from Italy, but there are bespoke shops that can make shoes to order--for as little as $100.  There are lots of sales so you should be able to find a real bargain--all leather boots can be snapped up for as little as $20.  Men too will find a very good selection of high quality all leather footwear for $100 or less, and not with the usual glued on soles, but full stich-down soles.

Locally made  clothing wool, wool blend and cotton is also a real find.  Uzor, with two shops in or just outside the Palace, has very well made traditional women's suits, pants, blazers for well under $100.  For men, Croata is the the place for locally made high quality ties, which originated here centuries ago first as cravats and then as ties. All-cotton sailors jerseys for men and women are another find.  These are distringuishable by their horizontal blue stripes.  Some even have hoods.  Perfect for beach on casual wear.  And Split is also the home of Guliver, with several shops around town, that makes very high quality all leather bags, $60-200.

The global brands are here too--you'll find top notch sportswear, shoes, designer watches, Cavali, Ray Ban and other fashion sunglasses at many specialty shops in the Palace and surrounding streets. Nike and Benneton are here with their own stores and so is Diesel, with  two shops, one just for kids, also in the Palace.

Locally produced olive oil, wine and gourmet cheese can be found at Izvorno, Ule, Judita and other specialty shops in and around the Palace.  These are perfect gifts.

The jewelry scene is represented here by the ancient craft of filligree.  There are several excellent shops selling hand made silver filligree work--earrings, brooches, pins and more.  And you will also find locally made gold and silver jewelry at shops on the Riva as well as in and around the Palace. There are also a few antique shops here that are well worth puttering around if this is your passion.

For a true local experience shoppers should visit the open-air market just outside the Palace as well as the adjacent green market selling everything from clothing and jewelry to local foods and hand crafted items.  The Podrum, the basement of the Palace, which you can enter directly from the Riva is another place where you can find stalls selling all types of local goods and crafts including paintings and stoneware from Brac, where facing of the White House came from.

Split is also unusually rich in art and culture. Naranca, Zitnik, Botteri and other galleries in the Palace have a rich array of everthing from high quality graphics and hand-made jewelry to paintings.  The new Gallery of Art, just outside the Palace near the main post office, should have a museum shop open this year, another good place to bring home some memories.  

Finally, for those looking to escape the heat and shop in air conditioned comfort, there's Joker, the city's most upscale mall just behind the Atrium Hotel with lots of boutique and brand name shops, a movie theatre complex (first run films in English!) and the Sky restaurant on the top floor