Pretty historic Pula is popular with Croatian and German tourists. Take a phrase book; English isn't spoken much.

Bikes hire from Malupe, Rizzijeva 81, 52100 Pula. 

There are (poorly-signposted) white dusty dirt tracks through pine woods and scrub, but the map showing them is misleading (that is, not made by Germans). Best to stick to the coastal paths as you can see the sea and orient by it.

There are delightful places to snorkell and swim: rocky and sandy beaches and warm blue fish-filled sea too.  Beware! take jellies or other water shoes, because there are spiny sea-urchins. The nicest places for snorkelling were to the west, on the path that goes round by by the youth hostel and the Hotel Splendide -  there is a bike-hire hut on this path too; and by Premantura (to the south).

The food in the supernarket and market has London-prices but beer is surprisingly cheap. In the market (near the Forum in Flanaticka) the upstairs restaurant has excellent pizzas, fast pleasant service and low prices.T

he bakery downstairs serves delicious pastries (fragrant poppy seed strudel; succculent cheese baklava). Lovely!  

Pula bus garage is just north of the forum, and buses to Rovinj are hourly, more or less. It takes about 1 hour and costs about £8 return. Buses are clean and air-conditioned. 

If you follow the advice of 'the man in seat 61' and travel by train on the sleeper from Paris to Venice, then ferry to Pula, know that there are thieves on the train. So chain up your luggage!