Jeddah is an international city and a city of commerce. It is the second largst city in Saudi Arabia. Many Muslim pilgrims visit Jeddah, as it is the gateway to two holy mosques of Islam: Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi.

Jeddah is an open art city and a containes heritage places, such as Bayt Al Nassif, and museums. There are some very interesting sites all over the city as most people will stop there on their return home.

  • Interesting Places:
  1. Corniche
  2. Obhur
  3. Tahlia Street
  4. Parks and Gardens
  5. Bayt Al Nassif
  6. Muncipality Museum
  7. Abdul Rahouf Khaleel Museum
  8. Taibat City
  9. Balad Historical Area