The road to Angkor Wat is flat, so on that score it's pretty easy to bike. But it is rather long. It's 8 km to Angkor Wat, roughly another 8 km for the small circuit, and then finally 8 km going back to town.

Tips on biking to Angkor Wat

1. Get the right bike for you

If you can, use a mountain bike, the one with multiple gears. Those bikes with basket in front of them is handy too, to put your backpack in.

2. Get your temple itinerary straight

Since the Angkor Park is huge, you should make note on which temples you'd like to see. Even if you're going by tuktuk, they divided the visit into two: the big tour, and the small tour (petit or grand circuit).

With bike, it makes even more sense to prune and be ruthless with your choice of temples. It’s much better to enjoy the temples in leisure than try to see everything with an already tired body.

3. Bring an extra clothes for change

In addition to the actual physical exercise of biking, you have the added factor of the famously hot Cambodian sun. Most likely, your top will be totally wet, which could be uncomfortable.

4. Bring enough water

Bring only enough, because carrying too many water bottles will slow you down, and plus, there are lots of people selling cold water around.  

5. Have lunch in the park

When people visit the temples by any other types of transportation, they usually go back to town for lunch and siesta. But since you're biking, it doesn't make sense to go back to town, then back after lunch to continue to visit. Well, unless you're really fit, then of course nothing is stopping you.

There are lots of great places for a relaxing lunch in the park.

So in short…

The whole point of biking to Angkor Wat is to enjoy it, and have a great time while doing it. Which is why a good level of fitness is a must.  There's so much to see on your first day, if you're biking and making yourself tired, you won't be able to enjoy the temples as much.

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