Roluos Group of temples are the original and oldest examples of temples that collectively make up the Angkor Wat region.

Dating from the late ninth century, is the earliest site of the 600 years Angkor Period that is open to visitors. The three temples belonging to this important group have similar characteristics of architecture, decoration, materials and construction methods, which combine to reveal the beginning of the Classic Period'of Khmer art.

Some 70 years after Jayavarman II established his capital on Mount Kulen in 802 inaugurating the Angkor Period, the king moved the capital to Hariharalaya perhaps for a better source of food or for defence purposes. He died at Roluos in 850. It is generally believed that his successors remained there until the capital was moved to Bakheng in 905.

The short journey takes you away from the main tourist trail, and provides a good relaxed way to spend an afternoon. Located some 12 kms due East of Siem Reap, travellers need to go along Highway 6 for some way - out past the markets and eastern fringe of Siem Reap. Rolous temples are located in the Bakong district which is essentially a rural community from which locals grow rice and a variety of crops which they take to the markets early in the morning - often staking out a place at 4:00am or earlier. In Bakong is a large monastery near one of the temples - Bakong Monastery - which during the Pol Pot years was declared a sanctuary by the UN and thousands of people, one local told this writer 10,000 citizens - sheltered here. From the hill they could see gunfire and military action.

Also in the district are small villages and roadside enterprises.  

Despite being so close to Siem Reap, the district is very poor: the gap between incomes here and in town is very apparent. You may come across orphanages (one near the turn-off to Rolous temples from Highway 6 is run for girls who weave beautiful silk scarves - a good purchase) and in the district are both state schools, primary and secondary, as well as volunteer schools established with overseas funding to provide language education for the students. One of these is Savong's School, which welcomes visitor volunteers, and there is another school nearby with a similar arrangement and also well regarded by visitors: SOCPLSDO in Chres Village.

Transport to do the circuit is best arranged with a tuk tuk driver. In 2009 rates were around $15 - 20 or so.

Teachers - Savong's School Local traffic is light. The local Bakong monastery is worth a visit