Punta Arenas is really not a good place for nightlife as most large-city Americans or Europeans are accustomed to. On Sundays, especially, the city is very quiet and almost everything is closed in the evenings. There are still a few entertainment venues, but you will find the options rather limited.

The one movie theater in town is the Sala Estrella at Mejicana 777, which shows a small number of mostly Spanish-language movies. One nightclub in the Punta Arenas area is Kamikaze, which is a fairly average club that plays South American popular music with some international artists from Europe or the United States thrown in. The pisco and cola drinks are quite popular and a good deal at 1000 peso each (a little less than $2 US). The crowd here is mostly teenagers and people in their early twenties.

The only businesses that are consistently open at night are restaurants, which sometimes come with bars that are good for passing some time in the evenings. Seafood is a specialty here, so try some fish or shrimp fresh from the harbor. Restaurants in hotels tend to be better in terms of cuisine and live entertainment (if it is offered). There is also the Café Pub 1900, which is decorated in a British turn-of-the-century style. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the drinks, which include an array of alcoholic mixers, are quite good.