How to avoid food poisoning in chengdu and in other places in China.

In most cases the food culture in Chengdu is safe clean and one of the top in the world in its food quality, variety and texture. With no doubt Chengdu is a top culinary location!! However there are few things to be careful of in a city with so many restaurants.      

Most important is to check that the restaurant don't use recycled oil!

Most of the severe food poisoning are in fact caused by low quality oil or recycled oil. This type of food poisoning is pretty severe.

Symptoms are in some cases life threatening.

It is a very hard condition to treat, as it's a chemical attack on the body and the side effects can last for a long time.

This type of food poisoning is most common in cheap hotpot and deep fried food restaurants.

Always check if the oil looks old or not clear, or if it has a chemical type of smell to it like machine oil.


Some restaurants are poorly washing their dishes and are using poor quality detergents.

This type of detergents can stick to the plate surface and then mixed with the food served on that plate.

It will cause a severe acute stomach inflammation flowed by: pain, nausea and vomiting, Diarrhea, strong gag reflex and fever. Not a fun experience!

It is most common in cheap hotpot and street restaurants.

Always check if the dishes look clean and if they smell of detergent.

If you feel even a small detergent flavor in your food stop eating immediately!


Sea food:

Be careful of sea food in Chengdu if it's not fresh and well done!

Do not by any means eat row or medium cooked sea food!



In most cases no problem. But be careful some of them are highly poisoned!

They can cause severe food poisoning and are sold by dishonest dealers.

Make sure that the type of mushroom can be identified as a safe one to eat.

If not don't try!



When possible always check the meet before cocking.

Check that it is fresh, clean and don't have a rotten small to it.

If you can't check the meat always ask to get it well-done.

Never eat row or medium-done meat, unless you are in a top quality restaurant!


Fruits and Vegetables:

Wash carefully with a special detergent before eating.

Don't eat the peals of any fruit or vegetable if you didn't clean it first yourself!

The reason for that is that most vegetables and fruits are sprayed with chemicals.


Try to avoid eating MSG (Chinese name: Wei Jin).

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used as a flavor enhancer in a variety of foods prepared at homes, restaurants and by food processors. Its use has become controversial in the past 30 years because of reports of adverse reactions in people who've eaten foods that contain MSG. Research on the role of glutamate--a group of chemicals that includes MSG--in the nervous system also has raised questions about the chemical's safety. An unknown percentage of the population may react to MSG and develop MSG symptom complex, a condition characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

·       Burning sensation in the back of the neck,

·       Forearms and chest numbness in the back of the neck,

·       Radiating to the arms and back tingling,

·       Warmth and weakness in the face, temples, upper back,

·       Neck and arms facial pressure or tightness chest pain headache nausea

·       Rapid heartbeat bronchospasm (difficulty breathing) in MSG-intolerant

·       People with asthma drowsiness weakness.

 Just say when ordering food: “Bu Yao Wei Jin” (without MSG)!