Chengdu is a plentiful place filled with wonderful and adventurous foods. But knowing where to go is the key.

Wuhou temple has a wonderful street call Jinli and right at the end of the street you can find what is called Sichuan xiaochi (snacks food). This place is cheap and interesting. Filled with all kinds of tourist things. If your looking to eat at a more standard restaurant you can try ChongQing Huoguo which is called Hot Pot in English. DeZhuang Huoguo is a very famous place but beware not for the faint of heart. From a level of 1-10 of spicy, maybe its an 8.

Like the locals they also like to eat  Xiao cao and Chuan Chuan. This is the ultimate spicy challenge. This may be a 10 out of 10 on spicy foods. But they add a special spice that is called huajiao (Szechuan peppercorn) which is an acquired taste- it numbs the senses, and to new tasters can be off-putting. Interesting indeed!!!