Recently remodeled, Le Bon Cafe is one of the better places in Parke Lleras to just sit, relax, have coffee, food, people watch, visit with friends or work on your lap top on their Wi-Fi access.

You can order many different types of coffee drinks from Cafe Tinto (black) to cappuccino.  They serve omeletes, fixed breakfasts like the Americano or Canadienese.  If  you're not too hungry, go for the Americano at $6,500 pesos. If  you are very hungry, go for the Canadienese at $9,000 pesos.  It consists of: coffee of your choice, a large glass of (really) fresh squeezed juice, eggs, pancakes, bread, fresh fruit, and granola with yogurt.  Pretty filling for about $4.50USD. They also have a Daily Plate that usually includes soup, a main course, salad, side dishes like veggies or potatoes and drink.

LeBon Cafe

Whether you're hungry or not, you can just sit for a couple of hours with ex-pats, locals or other travelers, drinking coffee, talking about life in Medellin and watch the steady stream of beautiful Paisas walk by on their way to work or lunch.

The waitresses at Le Bon are very friendly, attentive and help with your Spanish.

Next time you are in Medellin, stop by Le Bon Cafe in Parke Lleras.