Travelers visiting Abidjan stop online at the Official Site of the Tourism Office of Cote D'Ivoire at Entirely in French, the site provides general information about the country's history, economy and culture including the arts and its food. Find the airlines that fly into Abidjan and the visa and entry requirements.

Know where to have a good time and browse the list of bars, movie theaters, discoteques and sports events in town. The site also provides a list of the lodging options including hotels and rental appartments. If you need car, find under the Voyages tab the rental companies operating in Cote D'Ivoire.  

Also in French, is a serach machine providing the latest news about Abidjan as well. You'll find links to the countries newspapers and places of interest.

On site, stop by Cote D'Ivore Tourism Information office located in the Second floor of the former EECI Building, Place de la Republique. Abroad, you can approach Tourisme Cote D'Ivoire Office at 2424 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in Washington DC.