Abidjan is a shoppers' paradise, with over 30 Supermarkets, many with shopping malls, through to the "formal" registered markets in each Commune, right down to the street and street side markets. There is an amazing variety of artwork which include textiles, jewellery, pottery, masks, wood carvings, musical instruments, you can't leave Abidjan without immersing into some of the cities main shopping venues.

On Boulevard Abrogoua, stop by Adjame market. You'll find items specially hand-made textiles with vibrant colours. You'll find mostly locals shopping by you, it is the most popular market in town.

The Plateau covered market no longer exists, having been demolished to make way for some development, but the Treichville and Koumassi markets have taken up the slack, and you can enjoy some great shopping with excellent food in a typical African environment. where locals and visitors mix and so do the goods offered, find the perfect gift from the simplest kitchen utensil through to full suits of furniture..

The market at Cocody was destroyed by fire some time ago, and has not been replaced in the original style, but a much smaller, "souk: like market, which is very claustraphobic, and only locals go there.  To buy the sort of souvenirs and goods they used to sell, you will have to go to the Main Road into Grand Bassam, where there are over one hundred "stalls" selling their wares.

If you are into some serious hight quality artwork, go to La Rose d'Ivoire Store in Ivoire Intercontinental. It is not a market, so don't expect to pay low price tags.But you won't be let down by the variety and the finese of the pieces.

You can also cross the river and find the Centre Artisanale Ville D'Abidjan (CAVA) just past Solibra. This is a small artisanale village with wood items, fabrics, jewelry, handmade dolls, baskets and other African art items. Some items come from neighboring nations. Be prepared to bargain heavily for items and you can also have woodworking and jewelry items made to taste if you can come back another day.

You will not find pagne (African wax fabric) at CAVA. An alternative is the the Rue de Commerce and the side roads next to the Novotel. Much, much quieter than Treichville or Adjame. Here they have literally tons of multi-coloured fabric  on sale by the local vendors who let you can browse with relatively little interuption. The prices are slightly higher than Adjame but decidedly less hectic.