By bus:  Visitors should consider travel by bus to be the best method for getting around the area.  There are different kinds of buses. There are luxury coaches traveling between Cairo and St Catherine (Mount Sinai) and Sharm El Sheik (beach and diving resort); there are regular passenger buses between other destinations-- almost exclusively the East Delta Bus Service (also called East Delta Travel). Be aware that the times published online may not be accurate. With low travel currently some are cancelled without notice.

Note on bus travel between Sinai and Israel:  There is no coordination between arrivals acros the Taba border with Israel and bus schedules on the peninsula. If you are traveling by bus between the Sinai peninsula and Israel do take particular note of summer time changes between Egpt and Israel, and Shabbat schedules in Israel. Because of misinformation about schedules a recent (April 2015) bus journey between Cairo and Jerusalem took 26 hours one way 23 the other!

Then there is the Bedouin Bus Company between St Catherine and Dahab-- twice a week. There are regular 'micro-buses' between most destinations, usually on a go-as-filled basis. They can be hired for you or your group. And there are the Volkswagen buses for getting around some destinations-- most of which have been painted pink.  Travelers can hail them on the street in the same way that they would hail a cab in most major cities.  Travelers should be prepared to discuss and negotiate bus fares with drivers. 

By taxi:   Travelers should know that taxi drivers do not operate under standardized rates in this area of the world.   For this reason, visitors who opt to use taxis should negotiate fees with drivers prior to accepting rides.   It should be noted that fares for longer distances and fares for night travel are more expensive than average day trip travel.

By car:  Visitors may rent cars for use in the area.  However, driving can be difficult due to road conditions and poor driving skills and visitors generally are not advised to make this a primary method of getting around.  Drivers who do rent cars for use here should be sure to obtain an international driving permit at the time of rental.  Rental car companies should provide them automatically (for a fee) but some fail to do so; driving without them is illegal.