The City of Gold
Dahab, the city of gold, derived its name from its sandy beaches that have real flecks of gold ( too small to extract). Known for windsurfing and scuba diving, and for it's Bedouin culture, Dahab may well be more an adventurer’s paradise than a vacationer’s retreat.

Swimming and Snorkelling

Every beach in Dahab is different; Even the Lagoona itself! On one side it's sandy and shallow, the other side deep and full of reef. The Eel garden is known for it's healing waters and springs, yet has some treacherous currents sometimes. Assala beach is a virgin area thats amazing for snorkelling. Lighthouse bay is the best fast deep water entrance, where'd you'd take 10 steps and be a couple of strokes away from an 18m drop, also near one of the worlds top rated dive sites.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
Windsurfing and kitesurfing are based mainly in the Laguna area, a 5-10 min taxi ride from central Dahab (the old Bedouin village). There are 6 Resort hotels, with surfing for all levels including lessons. 

Horse And Camel Riding 
Horse Riding is very popular in Dahab , You can find horses on the beach near the Laguna Area , and camels and horses near the bridge in El Masbat . Beside the Laguna area there is wonderful route with palm trees on both sides where you can enjoy the scenery while horse riding .

Scuba Diving 
Dahab’s Red Sea dive spots are geologically unique. The Blue Hole and the Canyon are world renowned dives. The reefs are beautiful and teeming with fish life, and the Canyon has very interesting rock formations. Both require good buoyancy control and a certain comfort level with deep dives. Some individuals may experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis, which can alter perception and slow reactions. Navigating the canyon requires a little maneuvering through narrow spaces. Well trained, advanced divers should have no problems.

North of Dahab is Ras Abu Galum Protected Area. Divers can go on a Camel Diving Safari to access these quiet, unspoilt dive sites, which are also excellent for snorkeling. There are also nice dive sites also in the south of Dahab.

Beginners courses are widely available at PADI and other dive centres throughout the area. Divers wishing to extend their skills can train all the way to instructor & beyond.  

Not all diving in Dahab is with tanks. Apnea, or diving on a single breath of air, is very popular. Reputable centres are affiliated with AIDA, SSI or Apnea Academy.  

Massage and Spa
Spas are commonly Found in  Dahab City where you may be offered massage sessions, scrubs, steam rooms, sauna and jacuzzi facilities. There are also Beauty Salons for manicure, pedicure, threading and waxing services. They are found mainly at the Masbat area in front of the beach like (Larrisa Spa) beside Funny Mummy and many others at  the Light House that you can pick from.

Massage therapists In Dahab offer various types of massage including Egyptian, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Thai and Foot treatments.

Trekking and Rock Climbing
Dahab is often the starting point for treks or jeep safaris to deep desert areas.  English speaking Bedouin guides will take you into the desert for 1-15 days. Some guides do mainly short safaris (1-2 days, often including St Catherine and Mt Sinai); a few focus on deep desert treks for 4+ days. If you have the time and don't mind rough camping, this is arguably the best way to see (and, in fact, live) the way the Bedouin live.

Rock climbing is also becoming popular in Dahab. For Beginner courses, sport climbing and bouldering, Wadi Gnai is just 20 mins from Dahab. For trad climbing, go to St Catherine. All climbing is on granite (slab, crack & chimney), routes for all levels. Wadi Gnai is also an excellent day hike at the top of the wadi.

Sandboarding has also started becoming popular in Dahab. 

General Sightseeing & Leisure
Non-aquatic types and day-trippers might enjoy a visit to Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine’s Monastery (site of Moses’ Burning Bush). Bedouins also offer short camel trips into the desert and Bedouin dinner in the wadis (valleys) near Dahab. Rent bicycles to cycle to the Laguna for a swim in a purely sandy beach (most Dahab beaches are coral beaches). Other activities include yoga, horseback riding or just passing the day on a sunbed in one of Dahab's many laid-back beach cafes. 

Dahab has some luxurious hotels such as the Dahab Hilton, Le Meridien, Swiss Inn, etc.  All of these are located outside the original Bedouin village (5-20 mins taxi). Central Dahab has mainly mid-market and budget hotels, a few are very high standard now but there is also plenty for the budget traveller. 

Restaurants and Entertainment
There are many restaurants on the beach, all with similar menus and prices - take your pick.  Local favourites are a bit harder to find, try: Mona Mama (Lighthouse) for home cooked Egyptian food, Sea Bride for fish (Mashraba), King Chicken (Mashraba) or Zorbi (Assalah) for spit-roasted chicken Egyptian style, fresh juice bars and Am Ibrahim's fruit & veg stall in Assalah market (Blue Hole road), Chef Ali's Koshari and rice pudding (Masbat Beach from a trolley (11am ish), or Lockbahtita Three Fishes for a special night out (Mashraba beach towards Laguna).  Dahab is very addictive, and some travellers have chosen to live here. The result is you can now get Indian, Thai, Chinese, Sushi and there are several branches of the German bakery!

Many restaurants are licensed, but by no means all. Most will happily let you bring your own (buy from Drinkies off-license, or Yalla bar on the beach). Stella (not Artois, an Egyptian beer), Heineken, wine and spirits are available. Popular bars: Rush, Blue Beach, Tree bar, Mojitos, Red Sea Relax. Sports fans can find soccer matches on big screen TVs. Open air dance club at Tree bar. The Mojito cocktail bar has an impressive decor and nice dance floor for salsa dancing. The music features all types of Latin beats and other styles, and the DJs do their best to keep the clientele happy. Open hours: 3pm till 3am everyday. Rush is the only place with live music in town! So let's see where you end up in the evenings :)

Community Markets

There's a thursday and a friday community market, where people from around the world show case their diverse cuisines, handmade crafts, 2nd hand wares, and more. But most importantly, the pulse of the community, where people meet, eat fresh food and have a great time!


For the past 3 years now, Dahab has had a couple of annual festivals celebrating all of Dahab's diversity. Workshops with artists, live music, fire shows, community markets, Bedouin history and culture, and many organized activities, including clean ups! Dahab is becoming increasingly ecologically aware!

Note: Egypt was part of the Arab Spring Revolutions in 2011. Tourism dropped 2011 to early 2012, but is now recovering.