There are various ways to get around El Gouna. If you want to get to the El Gouna Library, go carting, tennis club, golf, the Abu Tig Marina, the local hospital: these are all more than a 5 minute walk from downtown.

TUK TUKs - 2 companies run the tuktuks. Yellow tuktuks are 5LE pp (max 3 ppl) and the multicoloured/ decorated tuktuks are 4LE pp. Same price for any length of trip.  They are very safe and are usually driven by young men aged between 15 and 20. Readily available either from the Marina and Downtown Bus station, by waving one down or phoning for one and can also be booked for sight seeing tours.

TAXIS - Taxis cost 20 LE per journey and are also available either from the Marina. Downtown Bus station, by waving one down or phoning for one


SHUTTLE BOATS - Shuttle Boats are also 5LEper single journey per person and 20LE for a weekly ticket (before you buy 2 tickets check if bus ticket and shuttle tickets are interchangeable.)

BUS /FERRY SERVICES - The bus services are regular (10-15mins) and there are 3 lines. You can get a map from your hotel or the information centre in down town. It's great value for money and costs just 5LE for a day pass up to 1am. The weekly pass is 20LE which is fantastic! Just don't loose your pass! The passes include the ferries from Temr Henna jetty which take you to zeytona beach and some other hotel jetties though its lovely just to go for the sight seeing.

LIMOSINE SERVICE - This is what they call the mini cab service in El Gouna. You pay different prices for the quality of the vehicle. There is a 10trip per day deal. They also have a brochure for the prices they charge to different locations around El Gouna including the airport. They are not really limosines or even luxury cars, so don't expect too much!

CAUTIONS -  On occasion, Limo driver or a tuktuk driver may want to give a friend a lift. Some limo drivers might want to give a mate a lift from pick up to drop off. You can accept this, based on your level of comfort, but you can negotiate to pay a discounted price. This practice could cause serious alarm bells in other countires, however, El Gouna Egypt, is quite safe.

Consider caredfully if you are comfortable with this risk and do NOT to anything you are not comfortable with. There is always another minicab/tuktuk and if they insist you can always give your business to someone else.