MOSQUITOES:- They are around 365 days a year in Egypt!

At the time of writing, the only Malarial risk is 69km S.W. of Cairo in the El Faiyûm Oasis region. This can be checked online but your Dr is the one with whom you should ultimately check medical facts.

The following information contains suggestions only; it’s not meant to be taken as medical advice it is merely a guideline from other people’s experiences & recommendations. It’s down to the reader to take responsibility for their own health issues / welfare & to chat with their own Dr, pharmacist or health care practitioner. Always read the label!

*Simply covering up your legs and arms around sunrise and sunset can be very effective, however as you are on holiday in a hot country, being realistic, you will probably choose not to do this.


*Even a small number of mosquito's can be very hungry! KIV: Your hotel room cleaner will probably leave doors and windows in your room open during the cleaning process accidentally letting some in. "Raid" Flying Insect Killer from Johnson is very effective at killing the ones you can see and can be bought in the UK or at local stores in Sharm.  Your hotel may also spray insecticide in your room for you if you ask.


* The Egyptian pharmacies sell, "OFF" - a spray by Johnson. Contains Deet. It's available online, for e.g. There are other useful "OFF" products as well, such as a clip-on deterrent.

*Jungle Formula - widely available in the UK and manufactured by Omega Pharma. Contains Deet - up to 50%.

Please note that whilst Deet is effective, it can be harmful & should be used with caution. Deet is known to cause neurological damage, & once it enters the bloodstream, (after being absorbed through the skin) it makes its way to the nervous system, where it is known to cause seizures & even deaths. It can be especially harmful to children, which is why its use should be strictly limited with children. Please google “deet” & then decide if it’s for you.

*Take room plug in(s). [Tip: Taking a UK multi-plug adapter will also ensure you have plenty of extra UK sockets free for your other gadgets too].

*Take Vit B1 pills just before going & during; thiamine, found in B1 is an irritant to them. It is excreted thru the skin & changes one’s body odour.

Be aware that prolonged use may upset your mineral balance. Vit B1’s effectiveness is lessened thru alcohol & pregnancy.

*Vit B1 patches that are safe for children.

*Holland & Barrett sell timed-release B1 capsules; the human body doesn’t store if for long so you can begin them a couple of days before the hols.

Vit B1 doesn’t work for everyone, but maybe it’s worth a try?

*There is not a lot of scientific evidence online but here is one link:   

"Since thiamine is eliminated through the skin somewhat, doses of over 50-100 mg. per day may help repel insects such as flies and mosquitoes from those with "sweet blood."

* Some people prefer to eat Marmite, yeast pills or garlic.

*You can also get wristbands from Mothercare against mozzies. Have seen them at airports too.

*Take Avon Skin so Soft / Woodland Fresh as it's a great repellent. (Some specifically recommend the Avon skin so soft dry oil spray "soft & fresh"; you want the blue/green bottle as this variety has the citronella in it.It’s available online.



*Pack some Anti-histamines - creams e.g. E45 "itch relief cream"or non-branded chemist equivalent; and/or tablets e.g. Piriton Hay fever tablets. Also see NHS advice:

*Oilatum cream from Stiefel  

*Aspivenin gadget from Boots or online- pocket sized mini pump that will suck out the poison from mozzie bites etc.

*There's also something called a ''clickit' ; it gives small electric shocks to the bitten area, which is supposed to stop the itching.

*Aloe Vera is also a good & natural soother, for the inside as well as being a good topical aid for sunburn.

*Magi Cool will help children (google it). It’s good for itching (incl. insect bites), prickly heat, sunburn / minor burns, heat exhaustion, hot flushes, first aid. You can get magi cool in most chemists, Boots etc; & you can now get one that instantly removes the heat out of too much sunburn.

*There are also cooling patches, with a soothing gel, that relieve headaches & fevers, which may be useful for children.