El Fanar is a superb place for relaxing and soaking up the sun, not to mention having a look at the marine life. However, make sure you go to the right part of El Fanar or you could be very disappointed!!

 A taxi from Sharm should cost you around 30LE (35 for the return perhaps), but ask them to drop you off at the bottom of the hill. This is the entrance to the best part of the area. You will pay about 50LE(£5 in 2008) for entry but that is for a towel, sunbed, shade, a small bottle of water and a fresh fruit kebab if you're lucky! There is a bar where you can buy drinks and snacks at reasonable prices, but don't take any food or drink with you as it will be confiscated at the gate.

 The other area is accessed by steep steps and can be a nightmare! They ask which hotel you are from and then allocate you a bed accordingly, but they are crammed together to the point of having to practically climb over people to get to a bed. There is no way you can 'track the sun' with the bed if you want to and it felt like cattle being herded. If the other area had not been visible from the crowded beach it would have been a one-off visit!

The one disadvantage perhaps, is that it's quite noisy in the afternoons when all the dive boats arrive, so aim to go early and leave early if that bothers you. If you like the marine life then join the merry bands of snorkellers and see the fish. As an ex-diver, it is possible to report that you can see almost as much at El Fanar as on dives at some of the more remote sites, so well worth the entry fee.