Sharm El-Sheik has several hubs of activity up its coastline, including Sharm El-Sheik itself, Na'ama Bay, Garden Bay, Tiger Bay, Shark’s Bay, and Nabq Bay. On this beautiful, majestic coast, with red sand and blue waters, there are many hotels and resorts, some that are private and some that are open to the public. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Na'ama Bay, which means "pleasant" in Arabic. Na’ama Bay hosts many well-known hotels like the Hilton and Mariott, which have their own, private beaches with exclusive services, spas and restaurants. However, the budget traveler can also find more affordable hotel options on this coast as well. Further up the coast, for instance in between Na'ama and Sharks Bay, the beaches are less populated. More exclusive hotels and resorts have opened here in recent years, some offering golf courses that face the water as well.

In the south, there is a harbor called Sharm El-Moiya, which is a good place to visit for a day. The harbor is small but hosts a number of boats and Yachts throughout the year. There are some quaint cafes abutting the ocean where people can relax in the sun and smoke shisha or rehydrate themselves. The port also offers a great view.

The downtown area of Sharm, or at least the old town, around Sharm el Maya (Moya) contains a cluster of popular restaurants and nightspots that fit all budgets and preferences, from the ubiquitous Hard Rock Café to well-known fast food chains. Visitors amuse themselves by haggling and bargaining at the local bazaar; it is accepted norm to bargain while shopping in Sharm. The downtown also houses Sharm’s main port and marina as well as fishing and diving boat jetty. In addition, the Sharm El-Sheikh Mall has shops with both overseas and local products, including jewelry, leather goods, clothing, pottery and books.