These prices are the ones fixed by the local Sinai government.The fixed price sticker for each type of taxi should be fixed in clear view on one of the windows,but may be hidden.They are about 4" across and round.

LE = Egyptian pounds.

 will tell you the government- stated taxi prices around Sharm (you must haggle hard as they really try it on!)  

 Check website link above  for any updates; agree your price before getting in & ensure it’s the total price, not per person. Agree your currency too. In case of any problems, carry the tourist police number in your mobile (0020 693 660 311), take the taxi driver’s number (side of cab) & report him. The mere threat of doing so can work wonders.

Minibus (fixed routes)
From-Old Market, To- Naama Bay, Price= LE 1
From-Old Market, To-Airport ,Price= LE 2
From-Old Market, To- Nabq,Price= LE 3

Taxi (white Bonnet)

From-Naama Bay, To- Old Market, Price=LE 15
From-Naama Bay,To- Hadaba,Price= LE 15
From-Naama Bay,To- Airport,Price= LE 20
From-Old Market,To- Hadaba,Price= LE 15
From-Old Market,To- Airport,Price= LE 35
From-Old Market,To- Nabq,Price= LE 40
The Old Peugeot Do Not Operate any Longer.
To work out the price of the complete journey that is not listed just add the 2 or 3 legs together. I.E. from Hadaba to the airport in a taxi it would be LE 15 for the Hadaba to Naama Bay plus LE 20 for Naama Bay to the airport making a complete fare of LE 35.
Unfortunately you will never get these prices from the taxis inside the airport,they normally want at least 4 times the proper rate. To get these prices  walk the 100 yards from the terminal building up to the main road and get one from there,these will still try it on but can be beaten down to the right price pretty easily.

If you don't want to face the hassle after a long flight then ask your hotel to collect you. It will be a bit more expensive but less trouble.

There are many online companies who also arrange transfers.

CAR HIRE:- It is possible but  the driving is rather erratic & it’s not uncommon to have taxi drivers around at night without headlamps on! Taxis are cheap & plentiful so it’s recommended, overall, to hire a taxi & driver for the day. They are in fierce competition so will be eager to strike a deal. Hone up your haggling skills! If you find a good taxi driver then get his telephone number and keep using him - it's like having your own chauffeur. You can get an Egyptian sim card for your mobile for 25LE and the calls are then really cheap.

There are numerous check points within Sinai, manned by tourist police who may or may not choose to be awkward with tourist drivers & can still be so with their own countrymen.

If you insist on driving there are websites with car hire firms for Sharm.