Palolem Beach is such a Beautiful part of south goa, and somewhere that everyone who goes to goa needs to go and visit at least once, If it's just for a day or for a night or a few days...

It's quite easy to get to (If you want to go for a day from north goa i.e Baga, arpora, it costs around 2500RS return journey in a A/C comfy car) you can also get a bus, ok buses down from north goa to palolem, but its a bit difficult, you need to change buses about 4 times.

If you go by car, you can have the comfort of a air conditioned car, and the amazing views of the little villages on the way down from north to south.

It takes around 2hours by car to get there. depending on the traffic (if your driving in Rush hour) Which in goa is the understatement of the year, because all the roads are always mad.

There are some beautiful beach huts you can stay in, once you get down to Palolem, you can just ask the 'tourist information' person about the huts, or you can pre book them before you leave, but you do get a better deal once you get there and barter for the price =)