If you are looking for Bridal wear and more this will help you.

Stitched suits come in 2 sizes, generally across the city stores. Regular (UK sizes around 10) and extra large (UK size 14, 16). The rest need to buy unstitched material. The stores also alter according to your size, if possible within 1, 2 or 3 days. The following stores are in order of preference. 

1. Aishwarya - Near Iskon Mall.  This store is the best for bridal and party wear, in terms of design and colour combinations and variety. Good suits (churidaar-heavy kalidaar Kurtas) start from Rs 5000 onwards. They have a seperate section for ghagra-cholis, and sarees from Rs 10,000 and above. Open on sundays too.

2. Asopalav - On CG road, Shivranjani and  in Ratanpole. The CG Rd and Ratanpole have different designs. The standard is much higher in The CG Rd branch. Again generally Rs 4000 onwards. The lehengas upto  Rs 20,000 are really pretty with very good embroidery. Of course higher range is also available. Open on Sundays too.

3. All the others like 'Deep kala' can not match, in terms of quality and designs. Yet the cost is not much different. Even in the cheaper areas, the good ones come for Rs 4000, 5000, but aren't as good at all. 

4. In the Ratanpol/Teen darwaza area the suits and sarees, etc are much cheaper, Rs 1,500 onwards.

5. Aseesa - CG Rd. Not for bridal wear, but good designs in suits, formal and informal. Very good, from Rs 2000 for good informal stitched suits to Rs 6000 for good heavier ones. Open on Sundays. 

6. Benzer - This had some good designs at high rates, but nowhere close to the variety of designs at Aishwarya or Asopalav. Open on Sundays.

7. Law Garden night market - Shops are set up from around 5:00pm to 11:00pm. There are some good stalls selling genuinely classy kutchi embroidered small pieces to be applied on kurtis and long 2 ft by 4,5 ft of beautiful embroidered  pieces. Bargainable down to Rs 900. They start quoting from Rs 2, 500 to 3, 5000!!

8. Induben Khakhrawala - Not the one on meethakali, but the other one for, you guessed it, Khakhras! And delicious Theplas and more.

9. "Sasuji" on CG Rd has excellent Gujrati Thali for Rs 170. Each item was delicious and service was great.

10. Coconut water in December, especially, is extremely fresh and sweet and can be had throughout the day to recharge and refresh at Rs20 only! 

 Hope other TA mambers will benefit from this list. Cheers!