As Kochi has been under the influence of nearly every major civilization in that part of the world at some time or another in its history, city is an amalgamation of many different cultures. There, Hindus live peacefully alongside Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other faiths. 

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Kochi's Jewish community has been particularly influential in the development of the city's character. Kochi Jews, or Malabar Jews, lived in the region for centuries, some say since the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem. An influx of Jews came to Kochi in the 17th- and 18th-centuries from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Most of the Jewish community emigrated to Israel after its foundation.

Kochi's cuisine is characterized by the use of coconut and spices, but the city also embraces other south-Asian cuisines such as Chinese. Fast food is also popular in the city.

Residents of Kochi are avid sports fans, and root fervently for the local soccer and cricket teams. 

Cinema plays an important part of Kochi's culture, and the city is a regional centre of film production. Each year, the Kochi International Film Festival is held in the city.