Kottayam (Municipal Town)  is one of the city located in the central part of Kerala, having the achievement of 100% literecy in India during the year 1989.  The city has notified in the history for the first English Education Insstitution in South India (CMS College, Estd in 1817), first Malayalam printing press (By Benjamin Baily in 1820). Kottayam is known as the literecy capital of Kerala & also there is a saying that Kottayam is the land of Latex (Rubber), Letters, Lakes & Legends.

Kottayam town has many tourist attractions like backwaters, rivers, lush green paddy fields, high lands & vast rubber plantations. 

When you go to the Kumarakom Backwater:

  1. have toddy (coconut palm beer ) from any toddy shops in Kumarakom village with delicious fish curry /fried peral spot fish on Banana leaf 'Karimeen pollichthu
  2. take a small trip to Kottayam spice Market 
  3. visit Kodimatha Boat Jetty, near KSRTC bus station and enjoy a 45 minutes cruise on a Public Ferry till R block Island or 2.5 hours Cruise to AllaPPuzha
  4. visit Heritage Churches - Cheriya Palli,Valiya Palli etc IN Thazhathangadi
  5. The famous backwater tourist village Kumarakom is just 15 KMs from Kottayam bus / train station. There are public buses, Rickshaws & taxi available to go to Kumarakom area.