Trivandrum has its own zoo, located on the northern fringe of the city. You'll find it by walking north along the main street, Mahatma Gandhi Road, then turn right just after passing the main football stadium. The zoo is located in a green area, near a park, the Napier Museum, an art gallery and a couple of other smaller attractions, making the area ideal for a 'day out'.

Zoo entry is 10 rupees but you'll need a camera ticket (25 rupees) if you intend to take pictures. Very reasonable prices, but as you will see they don't spend a lot of money on the animals, many of whom are kept in a quite appalling state. Some of the large birds especially were in poor condition, shoved in 19th century style primate enclosures, with no flight space. Two half-dead crocodiles covered in mould had been dumped in a pit filled with fetid water. Other animals, particularly the monkeys, elephants and deer, had it better, with their own large enclosures. There's a large and pleasant looking ornamental lake, nice looking lions and tigers, and a creatively designed reptile house.

With its very reasonable entrance fee and its pleasant shaded walks, Trivandrum Zoo is certainly worth a look. Just be prepared to see a few animals kept in conditions that wouldn't be tolerated in Western zoos.