Lakhamana Sand Dunes are located 7 km west of Sam Sand Dunes. They are large & clean sand dunes where you can find a quiet place for sunsets or star watching. You get the feeling of being in the desert without the hassel and pollution of plastic bottles and wrappers; it looks so beautiful it's nice to smell the desert in the moonlight. You can also take a jeep safari that ends with end a private camp fire, and people can also get their by normal car …

.Lakhmana Desert

The Lakhmana Desert  has got its name from Lakhmano ki Basti  (Lakhmana Village) its a Non Touristic  Desert .Lakhmana Desert are huge sand Hills with endless view of Desert. There are two -three sand dunes in Jaisalmer but Lakhmana Desert is really amazing high hills of clean sand. There are lot of adventurous activities which are organized by many Tour operators Desert Safariors and others. Some of the Activities are :-

Jeep Safari

Dune Bashing

Camel Riding

Dinner on Dunes

 Due to its neat and clean Sand Hills some camps are putting up their camp at Lakhmana Desert.

 The Lakhmana Desert is one of  the Non Touristic no mans land , People who want to experience the magical sound of Desert winds, the mesmerizing smell of sand and Curves which gives the feeling of Sea Waves is enigmatic.