There is a diversity of modes of transport to get around Agra. For instance, one can hop in the various taxis located in the city centre to any part of the city. However, one can also try to hitch a tempo, an auto-rickshaw and cycle rickshaw. The rickshaws are also a thrilling experience and sometimes the guides are very friendly and offer insight while operating.  Regardless one should take heed that there are little if any safety requirements for any of these vehicles so one should pick vehicles that look to be in suitable condition. From the railway station, one will find prepaid taxis and autos from the railway station available. Since there are numerous day trips outside of the city, prepaid transport is also available for excursions in and around the city confines. For more adventurous souls, bicycles can be hired by the hour from different parts of the city. This can be convenient since no diesel or petrol vehicles are able to enter the Taj area. There are Battery-Operated buses, horse-driven tongas, rickshaws, and other pollution- free vehicles are allowed inside the Taj area which conserve the beauty of the world-renown monument. Especially since traffic can be hectic, it is not recommended to drive in cars around the city.

 I would like to recommend the pre-paid taxi service from the railway station.  You must insist on the approved Police rate which is around 1500 rps for the day which includes an AC car with a guide.  They have planned routes which are pretty sensible such as taking you to the Taj first thing to avoid the heat.  However, they will also take you to "factories or craft shops" for marble and carpets.  They are ok to see there's pressure to buy since the shop will give you a free demonstration and cold drink etc. If you don't want to go just insist from the outset and they will be fine.  I've tended to tip them an extra 300rps to offset the income they get from taking tourist to these places.