Over the last few years, the tourist industry in Bali has woke up and recognized the importance of catering to families. The Ubud area was late in catching this wave, but it certainly has now. Normally, tourists with children spend only 2 or 3 days in Ubud, mainly because kids get quickly bored there. Not this year.

Two very large indoor indoor playgrounds have recently opened, and the quality of them is quite superb. As good as anything anywhere. Bali Fun World is in the Sukawati area and Kidworld is a bit closer to Ubud in the Pejeng area.

Bali Fun World is operated by a Danish/Javanese couple, and Kidsworld by a Balinese/British couple. Both have done a good job in providing world class sate of the art facilites for both locals and foreign visitors.

Kids can spent their afternoons at Kidsworld or Bali Fun World, freeing their parents to visit those places around the Ubud area, which would have been pretty boring for their kids.  Kudos all around.