Distros (Distribution Outlets) are small-scale clothing stores often done up to look like mini-boutiques  . 

Bandung is renowned for its independent clothing designers. They are often inspired by skater, surfer, rock or punk styles.

These indie designers do not have the capital to start their own boutique franchises so they sell their clothing to Distros. Most Distros source from only 1 indie designer brand but there are a few which source from several brands. A large amount of Distros can be found in & around Jl. Trunojoyo (off Jl. Riau) and jalan Sultan Agung.


The price of a t-shirt can range from 80,00rp to 200,000rp.You can buy things to make your appearance funkier from head to toe,  from hats, shirt,pants, denim, boxer shorts, bags, belt, wallet, jacket, sweatshirt, shoes, sandals, and many other things.


And you also can buy Cd/cassettes / merchandise such as tshirt, bag, etc from your favourite indie band like Koil, Burgerkill, Jeruji, etc at distros.


If you want cheaper distro clothing, come to   Plaza Parahyangan Jl. Dalem Kaum Bandung, West Java (near Pasar Baru and Kings Shopping Centre). The locals often come to this shopping plaza because the price is much more cheaper than individual distros. Why ? Because they produce in big scale/mass product. Plaza Parahyangan have over than 500 distros.