Sparkling Surabaya "you will be love every corner of it" is offering Shopping experience, Golf course, Family fun, and business success

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. It has a very important role for the East Indonesia Economy. The port of Surabaya "TANJUNG PERAK" always busy to serve the need of Eastern part of Indonesia. The city growth booster with the built of SURAMADU NATIONAL BRIDGE which connect between JAVA island and MADURA island.

The race mostly is Javanese (83%), The others are: Madura, Chinese, Arab, and the rest are a small group of others race and foreigner. Majority of the people are Moslems, but the life of the others religion (Christian, Chatolic, hindu, Budha, Kong Hu Cu) can be growth in harmon. It can be shown from the house of whorship built around the city. such as:

  1. Cheng Ho mosque: a mosque with chinese architect to give honor for Cheng Ho admiral
  2. Four Faces Buddha: Setting on the Kenjeran beach side. placed by building with length 9 meters, wide 9 meters and height 36 meters
  3. Santa Perawan Maria tak Bercela Curch: the oldest church built in East Java area in around 1822. With a Gothic western original style
  4. Bethany church: The biggest curch in South East Asia. Can accomodate 20.000 people
  5. Boen Bio Temple: The only temple in South East Asia with the based of KONG HU CU religion

The language spoken are: Indonesian (national) language, Javanese language with SURABAYA accent. Only small group of Surabaya citizen spoken English. And only a few Chinese can speak chinese.

As the Second largest city, Surabaya has National biggest company based on Local Surabaya: 

  1. Sampoerna (ciggarettes), visit the house of Sampoerna for further more to know about the history of Ciggarettes business in Indonesia and the Historical of The famous LIM SENG TEE family
  2. Jawa Pos (Media), well known as the National News paper based on local city. Jawa Pos itself has a lot contribution for the Basketball Development. It can be look from DBL arena, the best BASKETBALL stadium in Indonesia from the building function.
  3. Wings group (consumer goods), etc

at moment Surabaya sorrounded with lot of Modern Department store with the branded item with Surabaya Great Sales in November offering lot of discount, but still Traditional Market hold the whitness of the city growth that giving an authentic Surabaya food taste and Craft (visit: Pasar Genteng at night)

Surabaya can be reach using:

  1. Airplane in Juanda International Airport.
  2. Train in Pasar Turi station, Gubeng Station
  3. Bus in Bungurasih Terminal
The public transportation inside the city: bus, bemo (small public car), Taxi (recommended), and Becak (traditional transportaion)