There are some interesting places to visit,

  • First, you have to see Maimoon Palaces, which built in 1888 by Italian Architect. It was a Palace of Sultan Deli. As we know Deli Land (Medan) was very wellkown of its Deli Tobacco, which is still exist until now.
  • Mesjid Raya Al-Manshun could not be separated from Maimoon Palace, built by Sultan Deli in 1906 with architect from Amsterdam name Dingemans. The mosque was designed with morocco style.
  • Rahmad Gallery, is a gallery which collect all wild animal from Asia, it has 600 collections wild animal stuff. They really looked like real live animal in a jungle.
  • Old Building, when Dutch came to North Sumatera, especially Medan,  they built so many big and beautiful building which still  in good condition untill nowdays.
  • Toba Lake is one the biggest lake in South East Asia, it  has a very nice scenery and very beautiful.