Throughout Lombok there are the public transports known as Bemo; and these private buses are basically minivans or small buses that will take groups of passengers to a various destination with a shared rate. Again, be sure to agree on the price before starting the journey. Fares are generally cheap and they go along set routes, sometimes taking the long way. There is also semi-regular shuttle service via bemo, which connect the resorts with various harbors across the island.

The alternative means of transportation are taxicabs, which operation from most major hotels. The use of meters is fairly new, but many of the drivers will opt to offer a set fare, which is usually in the driver’s favor. Feel free to haggle a bit on the price or insist the driver use the meter. And make sure there aren’t “extras” that they’ll try to tack on after the journey.

Horse drawn carts, which are known locally as cidomo, are still a preferred method of travel for many locals, especially outside the towns and around the smaller villages. Some of these have become a bit more geared to the tourist trade, but they are at times the best way to get around and see the sights at the same time.