If you’re planning on taking in a lot of the sights then you might want to consider renting for the week to get the better rate. Drivers need to be 21-years or older to rent a car, and insurance it typically required. In Indonesia they drive on the left of the road with the steering wheel on the right. Most of the cars are manual transmissions (stick shift), so be prepared when you arrive. As with Bali, the gas stations can be far and few between. When at the pump be sure to watch the price as well, as tourists can be overcharged.

Taxis can be found throughout Lombok, and these operate from the major hotels and airport, and the rates to get around can be reasonable. Taxis are metered so make sure that the driver does use it as it is just as likely that you’ll be offer a flat rate. In addition to actual cabs, there are also hired cars from the resorts. These operate with an hourly fee or based on the destination. Confirm the rate before beginning your journey. There are also private buses called bemos, which are basically minivans or small buses that will take groups of passengers to a various destination with a shared rate.