Nazareth Village is a 'Living History' experience, where you can see how the people of Nazareth lived and worked in Biblical times. They have made things as authentic as possible with local people employed as villagers, dressed in first century costumes, who demonstrate the various skills and trades people used in early times.

There is a shepherd, weaver and carpenter who all show how tools were made and used to make clothing and to build shelters for the population to live in. The 1 to 1 1/2 hour tour is guided by another local who explains how various things worked, such as the terracing for agriculture and irrigation, and the village wine and olive press, where they made wine, and olive oil for cooking and burning for light.

As it is located in Nazareth, there is more than a passing reference to the story of Jesus, but it is told in an historical fashion, not evangelical. The highlight for children in the party is the visit to the donkeys who then as now, were the transportation of the people of the country.